Watchword Personality Test (Online)

About the Watchword Test

The Watchword Test will allow you to discover your psychological type and explore your personality dynamics.

Use of this online test is entirely free, there is no sign-up or download, and your data are not collected or stored by us. If you prefer, however, you can take the paper and pencil test.

Completing and Interpreting the Online Test

To take the online test, all you need to know is that Watchword is a game of word association.

Make sure that you are comfortable and will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. You may wish to turn off phone notifications.

Ideally you should be alone but, in any case, do not allow anyone to watch or comment upon what you are doing, or to interfere in any other way.

When you are ready, click the button below to open up the test form in a new window.

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The analyses provided by the Watchword Test are NOT formal psychological assessments. Rather, they are suggestions that should be used only to support self-exploration.

No warranty is given regarding the accuracy of these analyses, nor their suitability for any purpose. Users accept all risks.

You should also note that psychological type as determined from the Watchword Test often differs (sometimes radically) from that given by other assessment methods. See Assessing Watchword Type for more information.

The complete guide to the Watchword Test is Michael Daniels' book Self-Discovery the Jungian Way.

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