The Watchword Personality Test

A Complete Practical Guide

The Watchword Personality Test

The Watchword Personality Test

A Complete Practical Guide

Michael Daniels

ISBN: 9798362129200 (Paperback)
ISBN: 9798866017621 (Hardcover)
262 pages
7x10 inches
Color illustrations
First published October 13, 2023
Kindle edition (print replica) also available

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About the Book

Based on the psychological theories of C.G. Jung, the Watchword Personality Test will enable you to identify your psychological type and explore the structure and dynamics of your personality. As you learn to recognize the various forces and tendencies in your psyche, you will acquire greater understanding of your inner self and your personal relationships.

Originally published in 1992, this practical technique of self-discovery uses a structured form of word association which you assess and interpret yourself, following clear guidelines that require no numerical scoring.

Easy to understand and fun to use, this newly revised and expanded guide to the Watchword Personality Test will appeal to a wide range of readers, including professional psychologists and students of psychology, counselors and psychotherapists, as well as anyone interested in self-exploration and personal growth.



    Taking the Test

    Structural Principles

    The Watchword Keys

    Psychological Types

    Assessing Watchword Type

    The Interpretive Process

    Indicative Examples

    Analyzing the Self

    Counseling and Psychotherapy

    Analyzing Change

    Final Thoughts

    Appendix 1: On Spatial Symbolism

    Appendix 2: Spatial Relations in the Watchword Matrix

    Appendix 3: Watchword Type and the MBTI

    Appendix 4: Typing of Example Matrices



    Blank Matrix Forms

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About the Author

Michael Daniels PhD is a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Formerly Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Co-Director of the Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Unit at Liverpool John Moores University, he taught in higher education for more than 30 years before retiring to the Isle of Man in 2011. He also trained and practiced for six years as an honorary psychotherapist (psychodynamic) within the British National Health Service. In addition to numerous academic papers and chapters, he is the author of three previous books: Self-Discovery the Jungian Way: The Watchword Technique (1992), The I Ching Oracle: A Modern Approach to Ancient Wisdom (2017), and Shadow, Self, Spirit: Essays in Transpersonal Psychology (2021). He created the Watchword Personality Test in the 1980s and has used it extensively in self-analysis and training.

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