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The Watchword Technique

The Watchword Technique is a word-association personality test, inspired by the theories of the great psychologist C.G. Jung (1875-1961).

First published in 1992, the test allows you to identify your psychological type and to examine important psychological forces and tendencies influencing your life and current situation.

Since 1992, the test has been taken by many thousands of people seeking to understand more about themselves and their relationships. It has also been widely used by professionals working in career guidance, management training, counseling, and psychotherapy.

Watchword is not a system of fortune telling and it does not directly offer advice about problems. In providing a description and interpretation of your psychological situation it may, however, assist your choices and decisions.

At one level, Watchword may be considered simply as an amusing party game or form of psychological solitaire. At its most profound, it is a system that may be used to guide you along the path towards self-fulfillment.

This website has all the information you need to take the FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Watchword test and to make a start on analysis and interpretation.

If you are new to the Watchword technique, it is highly recommended that you do NOT study the explanations provided on this website before you have filled in the test form. The easiest way is to use the online version (your data remain private and are NOT sent to our servers). Alternatively, you can print out the Watchword Test Form and fill this in manually.

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Once you have completed the test, you will find basic explanations of Watchword's structure and principles, together with clear guidelines for interpreting your results, by exploring the menu links at the top.

If you wish to discover even more about the Watchword Test and its applications, the definitive guide is Michael Daniels' book The Watchword Personality Test: A Complete Practical Guide (2023).

I hope you find the Watchword Personality Test interesting and useful.

Michael Daniels

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